Hello, earthling!

Nice that you have landed here… My name is Georgi, but please call me Gia!

Since you made it here, I would like to take you on a short journey through time.

Where it all began, my life was already doomed to failure. My body, my temple, my soulcase, was considered by doctors to be too weak. As you can see, it was anything but that.

I was dragged from hospital to hospital, doctor to doctor, and my wonderful mother went out of her way to help me live a better life.
From Georgia (japp, no pun intended) it was leading us to distant Germany, but the prognosis as well painted an unbelievably dark picture for my further existence.

In all that darkness, I have never stopped seeing the light and today I want to give you a piece of that. I have learned that only through love we are able to attain a stage of absolute bliss and I want to let you be part of that.
Hop in, off towards new shores!




Gee- the self-proclaimed alien who personifies “small but mighty”, with his life-affirming attitude, wants to make humanity what we all seem to have forgotten: the unity that calls itself life.

We are guests of mother Earth and it is our job to give her back what she has given us.

Let us remember together what makes us human and let’s start sowing love as a unified force.



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